The Spring 2010 Issue

Blackboard 9 launches for summer

New look but (mostly) the same Blackboard For most instructors, upgrading to Blackboard 9 will be a non-event. The main advantage to the new look and feel of version 9 is that you essentially never leave your course’s main page. The Course Navigation Menu is omnipresent. Previously, to perform many of the main instructor functions […]

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New campus tool enables virtual classroom experience

Educational Technologies at Missouri and the Division of IT are excited to offer a true virtual classroom environment beginning in May 2010. A virtual classroom is a digital learning environment, which can exist outside of the physical classroom. Students and instructors can participate in learning and collaboration using their own computers, regardless of their physical […]

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Blogging About Culture

Faculty Focus: School of Journalism and Department of German and Russian Studies An idea spawned by a jostling ride across the Mongolian steppes led 19 University of Missouri students on an equally unique trip through the cyber back streets of the European blogosphere. “Blogging the World” grew from a conversation between Monika Fischer of German […]

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