The Spring 2011 Issue

Textile Students Learn with Digital Media

Story by Jenna Kammer, Instructional Designer and Academic Technology Liaison for the College of Human Environmental Sciences Digital Storytelling is the practice of combining a storyline with digital media, such as images and video. In the classroom, digital storytelling can be a learning tool that provides students with a fun and interactive way to demonstrate […]

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Seven Simple Steps to a Better Quality Online Course

By Matthew Livengood-Clouse, Instructional Design Coordinator, Educational Technologies at Missouri Take the time beforehand to explain your expectations. For many, teaching or taking an e-learning course is a brand new experience. Use your syllabus to describe student roles, instructor responsibilities, and the community nature of an e-learning course. Our sample syllabus (.rtf) is available for […]

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A Point About Smartpens

Story by Garet Marling, Instructional Developer for eLearning, Educational Technologies at Missouri You’ve heard of smartphones. Now meet the smartpen. Brilliant little devices, the Livescribe Pulse and Echo smartpens capture audio along with your written notes. “Big deal,” you might be saying, “so does a tape recorder.” Fair point. What sets these smartpens apart is […]

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