The Spring 2012 Issue

Flipping the Writing Intensive Course

Faculty Focus: Cynthia Reeser, College of Human Environmental Sciences In 2011, six large enrollment courses were selected to participate in Mizzou’s course redesign initiative. The courses are Biology 1010, Human Development and Family Studies 2400, Journalism 2150, Math 1300, Nursing 2000, and Statistics 1200. A major difference between HDFS 2400 and the other five courses […]

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The skinny on learning objectives

By Garet Marling, Instructional Designer at Educational Technologies at Missouri (ET@MO) Designing an online course is never easy. If it were, you wouldn’t need professionals like me. But it’s not rocket science, either. Unless, of course, you’re teaching rocket science. Then I guess it gets a little rocket science-y. But the take-home message is this: […]

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Assuring quality in online courses

Any instructor teaching a Mizzou course delivered completely online or with a significant online component may submit it for the Quality Course Peer Review service. Educational Technologies at Missouri (ET@MO) offers this service, which is faculty-centered, completely voluntary, and at no cost. Instructors and students benefit from this collaborative quality improvement process. Ultimately, this is […]

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