The Spring 2014 Issue

Instructor use-cases grow with VoiceThread

VoiceThread is a simple, cloud-based collaboration tool that is available to instructors inside a Blackboard site. At its core is the ability to have a conversation around a piece of media. Images, presentation slides, text documents, audio clips, or video are are the focus point of a VoiceThread. Then users add video, audio, or text […]

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Teaching with technology doesn’t have to be pedestrian

Faculty Focus: Peter Motavalli, Soil, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences I was once ticketed for jaywalking and ordered to attend what was called “Pedestrian School”. During this three-hour session, the instructor diligently proceeded to help us avoid any confusion that might arise with the wide array of electronic “Walk” and “Don’t Walk” signs that advise pedestrians […]

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Surveying the landscape of learning management systems

Over the past couple of years, new developments and standards in teaching with technology are allowing companies to offer new or completely redesigned web applications and accompanying mobile apps to universities. The main selling points of these products is that they have sleek and intuitive user interfaces, interoperability, improved accessibility, and a mobile-friendly experience. Learning […]

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