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Academic technology experts now housed in campus departments

Pairing good teaching with good tools is the key to providing your students with the best learning environment…but how do you do that?

One of the critical pieces of the puzzle is having an educational technology support person with whom you are familiar and who is easily accessible to faculty members. A new program to support this assistance has been created –The MU Academic Technology Liaison program.

The Academic Technology Liaison program places additional staff members in specific departments to support good teaching with technology in those areas, which helps further MU’s leadership in innovative teaching and learning. An original call for proposals in spring 2010 received sixteen applications. A subcommittee reviewed the proposals, and nine departments were awarded either full time or student positions funded by the MU Information Technology Committee and the Provost.

This program facilitates certain key campus goals, such as:

  1. Improving overall teaching and learning
  2. Expanding face-to-face courses, certificates, and programs to an online format while maintaining course quality
  3. Improving student access to learning materials and/or courses
  4. Increasing student engagement and persistence
  5. Encouraging student learning beyond the classroom

Liaisons are full time professional staff, or graduate students, who have an educational technology or instructional design background rather than an IT focus. They directly assist faculty, staff and students in their area in integrating technology in teaching and learning. They “reside” within the department they are supporting yet have constant contact with the ET@MO staff, as well as each other. The liaisons spent their first month of employment in daily training on the primary educational technologies that ET@MO supports, and in forming a cross-disciplinary team.

The team members:

  • Kelly Holtkamp – Coordinator, ET@MO
  • Jacquelyn Sandone – Mentor, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Marc Strid – Mentor, College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources and supervisor of student team: Emily Schmidt, Tracy Bish, Erica Theiman, Tom Smith, Kizzi Roberts, Kwang-Ho Lee
  • Donna Russell – School of Nursing
  • Jenna Kammer – College of Human Environmental Sciences
  • Paul Bowers – Department of Biological Sciences
  • Ying-Hsiu Liu – School of Health Professions
  • Catherine Friel – College of Arts and Sciences
  • Kyungbin Kwon – School of Medicine
  • Hui-Hsien Tsai – School of Journalism

There is one more liaison yet to be hired in the College of Engineering. The liaisons are beginning to support their local faculty members through their own training classes, one-on-one consulting, helping with the development and implementation of projects involving teaching with technology, and acting as connections between their faculty and the centralized support available through ET@MO.

Direct any questions you might have about the Academic Technology Liaison program to Danna Vessell, Director of Educational Technologies at Missouri (ET@MO) —, 882-0645 or Kelly Holtkamp – or 882-4086.