Instructional Media Studio


The Instructional Media Studio is a full-service multimedia production facility providing high quality recording and post-production services for courses offered for credit at Mizzou.

The studio includes state-of-the-art equipment and technology, which, along with our media production and instructional design staff at Course Design & Technology, can help to enhance the instruction in your MU course. As with all Course Design & Technology services, the Instructional Media Studio is available at no charge for academic units at Mizzou.

To learn more, contact Course Design & Technology at (573) 882-3303 or

Services Offered


The Lightboard is great for technical subjects and allows instructors to draw highly visible diagrams and equations, annotate graphics, and write while facing their audience.

Green Screen

Green screen or chroma keying is a production technique that allows backgrounds and additional instructional materials to be displayed next to the instructor.


Editing & Post-Production

Post-production services such as video and audio editing, color grading, sound design and motion graphics give a professional polish to materials created in the studio.


Audio Recording

Professional audio production services are also available, including voice recording, and audio editing, mixing and mastering.



The Instructional Media Studio also has the capacity to record multi-camera, two-person interviews for instructional purposes in MU courses.


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