Instructional Media Studio Policies


The Instructional Media Studio is a full-service multimedia production facility providing high quality recording and post-production services for courses offered for credit at Mizzou.


If a scheduled filming appointment needs to be canceled or rescheduled, Instructional Media Studio staff must be informed at a minimum of one business day before the scheduled appointment. A cancellation is defined as either canceling a scheduled filming appointment within one business day of a scheduled shoot, or a person failing to appear at a scheduled filming appointment.

For smaller projects of three recording sessions or less, one cancellation is allowed. If there is more than one cancellation, the project will be canceled.

For larger projects of more than three recording sessions, two cancellations are allowed. If there are more than two cancellations, the project will be canceled.

Multiple Guest Speakers or Lecturers

If a project includes the recording of multiple guest speakers or lecturers, the lead contact of the project acts as the liaison between the guest speakers and Instructional Media Studio staff. All communication and scheduling with the guest speakers will be through the lead contact. In the event of multiple guest speakers, Instructional Media Studio staff will provide a number of available recording slots to the lead contact; the lead contact will then inform Instructional Media Studio staff which guests will be utilizing which recording slots.

For more information, contact Educational Technologies at (573) 882-3303 or