Online Teaching Foundations

What is Online Teaching Foundations Program?

Online Teaching Foundations is a program for Mizzou instructors interested in exploring teaching online or building on their previous experience.

2020 Summer Session: June 8 – July 27
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Participants will use digital tools that support teaching, explore pedagogy with other instructors and experts from MU, and discuss readings that can help form and develop their practice of teaching online. The ultimate goal of the program is to help instructors examine how they will engage students through course design, deliberate use of digital tools, and communication.

There are two parts to this program — a 6-week course available each semester followed by options for two “elective” events during the same semester. The core course will be 100% online with no in-person meetings required, and it will be led by an instructional designer from Course Design & Technology. Each cohort of participants who begin the program will have until the end of the semester to complete two elective options. Electives include workshops, webinars, and other events both on campus or online.

Who can participate?

The Online Teaching Foundations program is open to anyone who teaches at Mizzou.

Is there a stipend?

Due to the current financial climate of the University, stipends for professional development (including for Online Teaching Foundations) have been suspended until further notice.

What’s the schedule and format?

Participants should plan for an average 2-3 hour time commitment per week. Online Teaching Foundations has two online, synchronous events (facilitated via Zoom) at the end of the course. One of them is required and the other is optional.

  • Cohort-based
  • 100% Online
  • (mostly) Asynchronous via Canvas
  • Weekly schedule
  • Actively facilitated

What will we be doing during the program?

Part I: Online Teaching Foundations core course

Description. This course will introduce you to online teaching as we look at examples of effective practice, explore resources and tools available at MU, and reflect on how course activities can reinforce and build to meet course goals. We will examine the relationship between theory and practice through projects, reflections, and discussions as a class and in groups.

After you finish this course, you should be able to:

  1. demonstrate a critical perspective in the selection of learning activities, use of online tools, and teaching practice in the online space;
  2. demonstrate an awareness of at least two or three major learning theories and know where to find resources about evidence-based practice in online teaching;
  3. summarize the general principles of online course quality as defined by the Quality Matters program;
  4. examine ways to engage students as you facilitate an online course; and
  5. identify resources that are available to help you design and teach your online course.

Schedule and format. The 6-week course will be 100% online and will be held in Canvas. Participants should plan for a 3–5 hour time commitment per week. Topics will be:

  • Week 1: Introductions and Reflections on Online Teaching.
  • Week 2: Engaging Students While Teaching an Online Course.
  • Week 3: What’s in a Quality Online Course?
  • Week 4: Pedagogy and the Science of Learning Online.
  • Week 5: Exploring Tools that Support Online Teaching.
  • Week 6: Final Project and Campus Resources.

Most weeks have readings from the course text (Course Design & Technology will provide a copy for everyone registered) and other articles available online. The activities will be different each week and will include discussions, group activities, peer review, and a final project that will ask you to describe your approach to teaching online that can be supported by specific activities, tools, and other means of engaging with students.

Part II: Elective Events (2 required for completion of the program)

Description. Electives come in a few different forms. Some are events, webinars or workshops where you will complete an enrichment activity and submit it to the instructor of your core course to review, others are in-person consultation sessions with an instructional designer from Course Design & Technology.

Schedule and format. Most of the events that qualify as electives will take place during the semester the core course is offered. Dates, times, and locations will be posted in the Online Teaching Foundations core course. Each elective will require a 3–5 hour time commitment and have a direct application to teaching.

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