Quality Course Review


The Quality Course Review service offered through Course Design & Technology  is faculty-centered, completely voluntary, and comes at no charge. The review utilizes the 5 Pillars of Effective Course Design developed by the UM System Office of eLearning, and each reviewer has been certified through a quality review training program conducted by Quality Matters.

For more information about the 5 Pillars of Effective Course Design, access the 5 Pillars of Effective Course Design rubric (for reference only; no need to fill this out). University login credentials are required.

The certified reviewers at Mizzou are instructional designers in the UM System Office of eLearning, and Mizzou’s e-Mentors. We hope to leverage our unique and diverse expertise to enhance teaching across campus.

Benefits of participation

Instructors and students alike will benefit from this voluntary, collaborative, quality improvement process that provides insightful, useful, and constructive feedback on learner engagement, assessment and interaction approaches, as well as layout, design, and tool usage. Ultimately, this is a professional development activity advancing the scholarship of teaching at Mizzou.

For every review, the review team will generate a full report organizing their feedback for the instructor. Additionally, all instructors whose course successfully meets the standards will receive a letter of support from the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies sent to their chair or dean.


This process is designed to provide feedback on courses delivered entirely or mostly online. Eligible courses may include: 

  • Online courses facilitated using Canvas as the sole means of content distribution, and student/instructor interaction. For these courses, a campus visit may be required on rare occasions, and students may be located remotely, or off-campus.
  • Hybrid/Blended courses replacing significant in-seat classroom time with online content distribution, student interaction, and/or assessments.


  • Course must be offered in Canvas.
  • Instructors may request one course review per semester.
  • Reviews are best conducted on fully online or blended courses. 
  • Reviews are best conducted following the end of an academic term. However, reviews conducted prior to a course may provide guiding and constructive feedback.

Contact Information

If you have questions or need assistance, please email keeplearning@umsystem.edu.