Redesign and Innovation: Two new programs help faculty address challenges

Have you identified challenges in one or more courses that, if you could overcome them, would improve teaching and learning? Do you have ideas for how to improve teaching and learning through technology innovation, but could use help implementing those ideas? Educational Technologies at Missouri (ET@MO) is providing two funding opportunities for faculty: Academic Transformation/Course Redesign and the Teaching with Technology Innovation Fund.

Between two and four Academic Transformation and up to ten Teaching with Technology Innovation Fund projects will be funded annually. In addition to funding, participants will receive priority in access to ET@MO staff consultation and resources.

Academic Transformation / Course Redesign

The Series on Academic Transformation is for departmental teams committed to redesigning one or more key large-enrollment courses for teaching and learning improvement. Up to four teams will be funded annually, each receiving up to $10,000. For this project, “transformative change” involves sustainable technologies coupled with pedagogical practices which improve teaching and learning by addressing one or more of these goals:

  • Increasing student-faculty interactions
  • Improving retention and reducing the retake and/or withdraw rate
  • Meeting enrollment pressure, and/or addressing staffing issues
  • Meeting the needs of unique student populations
  • Establishing interdisciplinary teaching collaborations
  • Articulating learning outcomes and improving assessment
  • Advancing the scholarship of using technology in teaching
  • Integrating diversity and/or international components within the curriculum

Proposals should be submitted to Dr. Danna Vessell, 249 Heinkel, by May 29, 2009. The Selection Committee will choose the courses no later than June 15.

Teaching with Technology Innovation Fund

ET@MO’s Teaching with Technology Innovation Fund will be available July 1, 2009. This new program is designed to provide faculty with an opportunity to:

  1. receive hardware/software to assist in their teaching and
  2. consult hands-on with ET@MO staff to design and develop effective technology artifacts to enhance teaching and learning.

Each Teaching with Technology Innovation Award will be up to amount of no more than $500 and Awards will be distributed annually.