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Course Redesign is a funding opportunity created by the office of Course Design & Technology to support excellence and innovation in online courses. The primary focus of these funds is to support substantive — preferably transformative — enhancements in the pedagogy and technology of individual courses. With that in mind, we encourage faculty members interested in designing or redesigning their course to apply for this opportunity.


Designing or Redesigning a course into a hybrid or fully online semester based course incorporating innovative pedagogies and technologies.


The amount of funding may not exceed $7,000. Instructors should plan on devoting about four hours a week for approximately a year (on average) to the project.

Funding can be used for extra compensation, summer salary, professional development funds, or faculty release time with department approval.

Note: Additional needs such as hardware, software, and teaching assistants to facilitate release time may be considered for inclusion in the funding.


Course Redesign funding is available on a rolling basis and individual faculty members may receive the award once every *three years.

Additional Information

Course must have all necessary academic approvals, and will need to be scheduled to be offered within the next two years. Preference is given to courses with larger numbers of students, or courses where the faculty member is willing to conduct and present research on the course improvements.


Submit an Application

Faculty member submits application for funding to design or redesign a course, which includes a proposed use of funds. Faculty are encouraged to consult with Course Design & Technology staff members prior to submitting an application.

Review and Consultation

The funding committee reviews applications, and consults with the faculty member on the vision for the course. If funded, the committee notifies the faculty member’s department of the award and confirms the departmental support of the project.

Assemble a Team

Course Design & Technology assigns a project leader, who consults with the faculty member on their vision for the course and assembles the Course Design Team (consisting of the faculty member, instructional designers, media producers, etc.)

Project Planning

The project leader works with the entire Course Design Team to create a project plan. As part of the Course Design Team, faculty will continue to work closely with instructional designers throughout the duration of the process.

Payment Disbursement

Payment disbursement occurs based on timely fulfillment of milestones contained in the project plan.

Final Revision

As one of the final milestones, a Mizzou Quality Course Review is conducted, and any needed revisions are made prior to the course opening.


After completion, the faculty member shares project results with other faculty members in their department or on campus. Examples include presenting at faculty meetings, Celebration of Teaching, a TnT session or by writing an article, conducting a workshop, etc.